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Our Explainer Animation for BioSynergy: Tech Made Simple

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What is The Bio-Synergy DNA Testing Kit?

The Bio-Synergy DNA Testing Kit is a comprehensive DNA test that provides you a personalised report on your genetic makeup to provide insight on how they affect your health, nutrition, and athleticism, as well as help you understand the health risks you are predisposed to.

Knowing your DNA will provide you the knowledge you need to make it happen, whether you want to stop the aging process, achieve a new personal best, or extend your life.

Over 300 genetic results in 20 categories are provided to you by Bio-Synergy after they run a total of 1000 tests. You will obtain a unique genetic report about you, encompassing 20 different categories, in less than 21 days.

Results are sent to you encrypted and safe, with the option of receiving it as a PDF or accessing it through their mobile app both available for iOS and Android users. Interestingly, you can also link the Bio-Synergy DNA app with any other smart fitness gadgets you own with its lifestyle tracking feature.

Additionally, without requiring a fresh DNA sample from you, more categories and reports will be dynamically added to the mobile app as research advances. A lifetime subscription to DNA updates, including new categories and reports, recipes, and workouts, is included with the Bio-Synergy DNA kit.

Every Bio-Synergy DNA Kit contains an instruction manual, saliva kit, and a prepaid envelope.


The steps are simple:

  1. Download the Bio-Synergy app
  2. Register your unique kit ID
  3. Return test sample to lab in prepaid envelope
  4. Receive your results within 18 days securely via your mobile app

The Financial Times has labeled Bio-Synergy’s DNA App as “The Best Sports-Driven Tech”.

Similarly, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine has featured Bio-Synergy’s products as one of the “Very Best Health and Fitness Products To Buy in 2021”.

You can also see reviews from real people on Trustpilot on how this DNA kit has helped them improve the overall quality of their lives.

Benefits of Using Explainer Animation For Medical Tech Products

Many businesses today are aware that video and animation are crucial components of marketing and a fantastic tool to enlighten clients and customers. Charts, graphics, photos, and videos are all commonly used in the medical sector to improve learning and communication. A medical explainer animation is a practical and affordable tool for explaining a variety of important concepts, practices, and approaches that are frequently challenging to comprehend.

1. Images or in this case – video – speaks louder than words

Visual aids like paintings, pictures, and animations help the human brain recall better. Animation or video increases this retention by 50%. This is crucial in the medical tech industry since medical explainer animation can be used to many different fields of study and disciplines to provide the brain a clearer picture.

2. Animations are easier to understand

The same way that medical explainer animation videos can cut your marketing costs, they can also enable viewers to comprehend a method, technique, or other topic better. In this context, the explainer animation has the goal to show customers how to properly collect a DNA sample for optimum results.

3. Animations are more impactful

Instruction manuals are important, yes, but let’s be real. Not all of us actually read them before using something we bought for the first time. Or in most cases, we don’t bother reading them because it all seems “too complicated”. Here’s where explainer animations truly shine as educational tools as they show processes and steps exactly the way they should be followed. Doing this all in a 3D environment also does away with costs involved in a physical shoot, with the added benefit of full control on the “studio”, lighting, and motion effects.

As a result of all these attributes, an explainer animation can significantly increase website conversions. With a carefully crafted explainer video, you can improve conversions by as much as 20%.

Consumers may find it challenging to comprehend technology products, which makes it challenging for them to accurately determine why they would need to click that checkout button.  This issue is resolved by video, which presents information in a style that is simple to recall. An explainer animation aids prospective customers in better comprehending how your app, or other technological product genuinely works in the real world. This encourages them to consider your product’s possible effects on operations in addition to its own merits.

Bio-Synergy understood this and approached us to storyboard and create this short but informative explainer animation for their best-selling DNA kits.

With all that said, here is the full explainer animation we created for Bio-Synergy DNA Testing Kit:


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You're only one step away from better visuals.

You're only one step away from better visuals.

You're only one step away from better visuals.