Take your product to the next level with amazing visuals.

WHAT IS product rendering


Product rendering is a cheap alternative to photography. A product is created in 3D modelling software’s and then visualised by adding materials and lighting to create a photo realistic or non photo realistic representation of the subject. When a product is still in the early stages of the design process amazing eye catching imagery is created to tell the story. 3D models can be created from sketches, photos, drawings, specifications or other CAD formats.

How can Xo3D help you


Tell Your Products Story

With our product rendering service, visuals show off your ideas off in all their glory. In contrast of using boring sketches or dull 3d models. With the help of rendering, products are made to look life like in as many views as you please, before they even exist. With perfect accuracy.

Design how your product looks

Certainly with the ability to visualize and interact with a product costly design mistakes are caught quickly. Likewise, easily change the colors and materials to suit needs and see what looks best before you go to production. This is an essential part to product design.

Marketing images enhance your visual communication

With xo3d product rendering services we create marketing packs full of stunning imagery. To sell your product on the market before it has been made. Or create great
images for your website and above all save money on photography.

Benefits of Product rendering


  • Bring Life to 3D Models through our product rendering services
  • Enhance your visual communication through 3D Rendering!
  • Tweak Colours and materials for tunning 3D visuals
  • Make your product design process easier through 3D!
  • Create stunning marketing images with 3D visualization

Different types of rendering


XO3D offers a range of different types of product rendering services. These are usually combined into a package of well thought out product renders. That fully tell all the products features. Below we explain the different types of product shots.

Simple Studio Shots

Firstly, Studio shots are clean and powerful. As a result, are they used in every day marketing by all the top brands. Because you can easily show off your designs in all of their glory. Studio shots are certainly perfect for websites. Because, different background colours can be added to match the brand. In addition, shops such as Amazon & Ebay require clear white background images to easily see the product. Likewise, these will save you time and money through not having to hire a photographer every time you need some new images. Because, 3D Rendering is cheaper and you have much more control.

In Situ Shots

The most common of 3d rendering services. Maybe you want to see what your product might look like in your own living room. This is easily created in 3D. With shots of your product in position you are able to see what it will look like in a multitude of surroundings. From here tweaks of materials and colours are easy. Likewise, these images are also used for marketing to sell your product before it has been produced.

Creative Shots

Bring more life to the images through imagination. In contrast of some simple studio shots merge some graphic design into the image to create something that stands out and gives character to the product.

Breakaway Shots

The 3D breakaway shot is another powerful type of product rendering. Because, it shows the inside of the product. From here the story is told even further. Easily visualise how the product is made up and even how it works through the creation of 3D visuals. Furthermore, we are able to add to things to these images such as labels and descriptions of all the different parts inside if you need to explain things further to the market or investors. Alternatively, these are created with or without a background. In addition, these types of shots are easily merged with others types of 3D rendering or illustration to make things even more nteresting.

Exploded Shots

Similar to the 3D break away shot but these show the parts dissembled like you would see in an instruction manual of how to put things together. In fact, this is the perfect use for them. But in addition to showing how things go together they are also helpful in showing off the inside of the product.

Detail Shots

Show your products finer parts with detailed 3D images. Above all, these are zoomed in shots of where you want to bring attention to. Most noteworthy, illustrating the fine design details that you have spent time on.